Newport 2.0

  • Seating Capacity 6
  • 84″x84″x36″
  • Water Capacity 300 gallons
  • 36 Waterway Threaded Jets
  • 10 pt led lights including Standard Spa light
  • Waterway Neo 2100 Spa Pack
  • Lighted Waterfall
  • Ozone System
  • (2) 4.0 HP pumps
  • 70 sq ft filtration

Additional Options:

  • Circulation Pump
  • Ultra Violet water purification system
  • Saltwater System

Shell Color Options


Cover Color Options


Cabinet Color Options


Additional Model Information

Waterway Neo 2100 Spa Pack

• External equipment & topside panel connections
• Modular equipment expansion
• Toggle terminal connection
• Electronic Thermal Sensing (ETS) system
• Equipment converts 240V to 120V
• Optional Wi-Fi (Available download from iTunes & Google App Stores)
• Optional Bluetooth (Control Volume Up/Down, Next/Previous Track, Play/Pause on Topside panel)
• Topside features a 1.8” color LCD display
• Panel back light w/White LED or optional RGB LED
• Easy menu navigation
• Real-time clock

DEL Ozone


The ultimate in water purification technology, the APG-U ozone generator matches the capabilities of our own High Output CD units at a fraction of the size. In addition, the newly engineered design is now equipped with Universal Voltage. It’s the reliability, performance and technological advancement you can only expect from DEL Ozone.

Radiant Barrier Insulation

• Radiant Barrier- Energy Star Qualified
• ICC-ES Recognized
• R 16 unaffected by humidity, Prevents condensation
• Prevents 97% of radiant heat transfer
• Vapor barrier
• Core sealed on both 175′ side with flange
• 19dba contact noise reduction
• Does not promote mold or mildew/does not provide for nesting of rodents, bugs or birds
• Reflective aluminum foil on each side of 5mm (13/64) closed-cell polyethylene foam center
• Keeps its shape over time (doesn’t collapse)
• Rippled surface increases air-flow
• Member of US Green Building Council – Made with 100% recyclable virgin raw materials

Master Massage Jet

With the optional Master Massage jet we divert the 5.0 HP pump from the lounge to the jet so you have 240 GPM of water flowing through a 14-point hydrotherapy massage jet for the ultimate hydrotherapy massage for your feet.

Spa Solar Eclipse by Del Ozone


• Drastically reduce chemical use
• Destroy the microorganisms that chlorine and salt systems cannot
• No nasty chlorine smell
• No more red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair
• Easier spa maintenance, simple, reliable
• Prolongs spa life – won’t erode pool surface or equipment
• Environmentally friendly
• Compatible with all types of coatings and filters
• A treatment that can be automated with existing chlorination

BLU FUSION By Bluwater


Environmentally Friendly • Ease of Installation • Crystal Clear Water
No other hot tub system creates such an AMAZING feel to your water. The special Dead Sea Salt not only worked with your BLU FUSION system to maintain pristinely clean water, but it makes your water feel soothing and silky! BLU FUSION eradicates the need for many harmful chemicals, floaters and other unsightly and inconvenient burdens of the traditional chemical regimens of the old hot tub world. This creates a safer and cleaner spa experience. There are no unpleasant chemical odors, dry skin or itching! Moreover, your spa or swim spa will be 100% chlorine free! BLU FUSION reduces your chemical impact on the environment while saving you thousands of gallons of water, time and money.