Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your spas made?

  • West Coast Spas are made in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, in our family owned and operated factory outside of Woodburn, OR.
What makes West Coast Spas different from big national chains?
  • We are not a national chain, we are family owned and locally made. It means that you get faster, more personable service and support. You are paying for the best spa we can produce instead of the marketing and advertisement of other big brands. With a much lower overhead, our pricing is the best in the industry with premium components made in USA.
How are West Coast Spas insulated?
  • Radiant heat insulation involves insulating the inside perimeter of the spa cabinet, while keeping the inner cabinet an air barrier which not only acts as an insulator but also allows the transfer of heat from pumps and equipment back to the plumbing of the spa, keeping your water hotter for less.
  • The floor of a West Coast Spas Hot Tub is sealed with an ABS plastic, further reducing heat loss when your spa is placed on wood decks or directly on the ground. Sealing the bottom eliminates the wicking of water or moisture into the frame. It also keeps the rodents or other animals/insects from getting inside and eating wires and hosing. The unique combination of insulating cabinet material, radiant barrier, and ABS Plastic keeps your spa operating for less than other comparable hot tubs on average.
What’s the benefits of an Ozone system?
  • Ozone is a natural sanitizer that kills bacteria and other contaminants in your hot tub without strong chemicals. When used in conjunction with your regular sanitizer (like chlorine or bromine), ozone helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses. This leads to better water quality than with just chlorine or bromine alone. It also can do the following for your spa: Reduces odor and chloramines, Prolongs equipment life, Reduces maintenance time & cost and, Ozone purifies naturally.
What’s the best type of foundation to put my spa on?
  • Concrete pads made specifically for hot tubs are the best. In addition, decks with enough support for the weight of the tub or patio pavers are recommended.
What is a circulation pump?
  • This is a smaller pump that filters the water 24 hours a day in the tub to keep it clean and clear and used to pull water from the filter and push it through the heater and back out to the spa instead of using one of the bigger 5 Hp pumps. This is much quieter and saves you money by not drawing as much power as the big pumps.
What are the health benefits of a West Coast Spa?

Visit the Health Benefits  page.