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Use Leisure Time Bromine Test Strips to test for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and bromine. One easy-to-read strip is all you need! Simply dip a strip in the spa or hot tub water, and compare to the color chart located on the back of the bottle. These test strips are compatible with bromine and ozone sanitizers. Each bottle contains 50 strips.

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1. Immerse strip for 2 seconds

2. Remove with pads face up.

3. Shake once to remove excess water.

4. Read immediately: TBr > Alk > pH > CH

Total Bromine – TBr: (Ideal range: Spas & Pools 3-5ppm) Active amount of bromine sanitizer in the water.

Total Alkalinity – ALK (Ideal range: Spas & Pools 80-120 ppm) Total alkalinity represents the ability of the spa or pool water to resist abrupt pH changes. In low alkalinity water, the pH can change quickly, while in high alkalinity water pH is difficult to change.

pH (Ideal range: Spas & Pools 7.2-7.8) Maintain a proper pH level in pool or spa water to prevent eye or skin irritation and to protect the pool or spa from corrosion (due to low pH) or scale deposits (from high pH0. If this pad ever turns purple, the sanitizer level is too high!

Calcium Hardness – CH (ideal range: Spas & Pools 250-450 ppm) Indicates the level of Calcium in the water. The ideal range of Calcium Hardness should be maintained to keep the water from causing corrosion or scale.

Important Tips

For best protection, test twice a week.
Store strips inside the home, away from extreme heat or sunlight.
To open a cap, push tab up with thumb and carefully pull a strip out.
Avoid wet fingers inside the bottle and close the cap tightly right after removing a strip. To close cap, press the center of the cap down firmly until it snaps.
In pools, immerse the strip to a depth of 6″.
In spas, turn off jets and immerse the strip to a depth of 6″.

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