Leisure Time Renew Shock is a strong chlorine-free shock of potassium peroxymonosulfate that quickly dissolves in your spa water. It combines with the bromine in your tub to create an intense solution that destroys any microorganisms left behind after use. This versatile sanitizing formula helps rid your spa of soaps, deodorants, oils and organic material. Renew Shock contains a pH buffer, so it doesn't affect the pH levels in your spa. This product can be used with bromine and chlorine and is very versatile and effective after its application. Additionally, Renew may be used for spa start-ups or maintenance.

Leisure Time Renew Shock can also work as one of two steps in the Reserve/Renew System by Leisure Time. Part one of this dynamic system is Reserve, or sodium bromide. After Reserve is added, Renew is added to activate the Reserve. When the two products interact, they create active bromine to sanitize. The Reserve/Renew System by Leisure Time is a great easy, cost effective alternative for spa owners with an aversion to chlorine that hurts eyes and skin.

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Use weekly as part of the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care Program or after each use when using Reserve bromide solution.

For Use as a Shock Oxidizer:

When used as a shock oxidizer, the Renew product will effectively reduce odor-causing ammonia and chloramines, as well as soaps and oils, resulting in fresh, clean water. Renew shock oxidizer is not a disinfectant. Chlorine, bromine or other sanitizers are still necessary to properly treat spa water.

1. Turn the filtration system on.

2. Apply 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) of the Renew product for every 250 gallons of water.

3. Circulate the water for 15 minutes with the cover off.

As part of the Reserve & Renew system:

When used with the Reserve & Renew system, the Renew product should be added when the spa or hot tub is initially filled and then daily as a shock oxidizer and activator for the production of available bromine in water.

1. Treat the water with Metal Gon stain and scale treatment and Reserve bromide solution according to the label directions.

2. Add 4 ounces of the Renew product for every 250 gallons of water to shock oxidize the spa or hot tub and to release available bromine.

3. Test the bromine residual with a bromine/pH test kit after the Renew shock oxidizer has been added and allowed to circulate for 15 minutes. The residual must be maintained between 1 -3 ppm.

*This product is not compatible with the Leisure Time Free System.

For Maintenance of pH, Bromine Residual and Water Quality:

1. Test the pH of the water daily with a bromine/pH test kit and maintain the pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 because the pH of the Renew product is buffered in this range and will not adversely affect the pH of the water. Do not allow the pH to fall below 7.2.

2. Test the bromine residual daily with a bromine/pH test kit. The bromine residual must be between 1 – 3 ppm. Heavy usage or the length of time the spa or hot tub is in use may result in depletion of bromine and require additional dosages of Renew shock oxidizer and/or Reserve bromide solution to maintain the desired bromine residual. Never mix any chemicals with each other before adding to the spa or hot tub water.

3. Change water monthly or as needed to maintain water quality.

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