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The Fork Karting Association follows NKA rules with FKA exceptions. The FKA race director has a copy of the rules on the track and can help you with any questions or interpretations of the rules. In addition, each member is expected to read and be familiar with the PKRA laws, these rules and guidelines, as well as the corresponding competition rules of the sanctioning authorities. Regulations and technical specifications Manuals. Members are expected to obey both their intent and their literal definition. All members must behave in a way that positively reflects PKRA and karting as a family motorsport. Platte Karts: OPEN TIRE NKA rules, unless otherwise stated. CLICK HERE FOR NKA RULES The Driver Code of Conduct is in place to protect competitors from undue interference from other competitors. This unreasonable and unacceptable interference could generally be characterized as rough driving and/or blocking. Good sportsmanship requires professional and respectful personal conduct. Articles 600.5 to 600.5.6, as well as other rules, apply to all members, members` guests, team members, support staff and non-members at PKRA events. Violations of these and other rules by family members, team members, caregivers, and guests of a driver or member may be attributed to the driver or member.

Punishment #1 – #16. The power to reinstate the privilege of a suspended or revoked driver rests exclusively with the PKRA Board of Directors and is based on the seriousness of the violation and/or the seriousness of the act or omission. Only the PKRA board of directors can override the race director. The interpretation and application of PKRA laws and procedures by the Race Director is final at an event. The sanctions in case of infringement depend on the seriousness of the violation and the impact on the fairness of the competition, the smooth running of the event and the interest of karting. In order to keep the information on the technical specifications up to date, all deviations that apply to PKRA club races are defined on the PKRA website. Changes to a sanctioning body`s rules are noted in the list of applicable deviations. PKRA organizes championship series events and exercises. The following rules apply and all participants, refuelling team members and guests must comply with these rules: The rules and guidelines in this set of rules are subject to the term “spirit and intent”. The guidelines contained in this document are not loophole roadmaps, allowing competitors to “cheat legally”. Any policy, rule or procedure used by PKRA for 30 days, whether written or unwritten, may not be challenged or challenged solely on the basis of semantics and will be interpreted on the basis of the spirit and intent of such policy, rule or procedure.

PKRA is not, and does not wish to be, an organization that deals with internal or external disputes and technical details. Social media and other media. Occasional disagreements may arise regarding NKK rules and regulations, decisions made by event officials, or event policies. However, communication and discussion of these differences must take place directly between NCC, its representative and the parties involved. Posting and discussing these differences on social media sites (such as Facebook or Twitter) may result in disciplinary action, including loss of ability to attend NKK events. The Technical Committee was established to ensure that all competitors comply with PKRA`s technical rules. The Technical Committee is chaired by the Technical Director. The Technical Committee is composed of at least five members in good standing of the Club, including the President. The committee may carry out technical checks on the track, including pre-race safety checks and class technical checks.

The consumption of intoxicating beverages by a participant prior to arrival at the PKRA facility for training or running is prohibited. The consumption of intoxicating beverages in the box, on the racetrack or on the surrounding grounds by a participant, during training or a race is prohibited. The participant is any person who enters the PKRA facility; It`s not just limited to drivers. No alcohol until the end of the race or practice and all karts went through the track and technical inspection, track/facility rules and local alcohol consumption laws. The use of narcotics and all illegal substances is prohibited. Any participant in an event or training that turns out to be under the influence of any of the above will be disqualified, suspended and immediately expelled from the premises. – Penalty #11-16. PKRA is affiliated to the National Karting Alliance (NKA).

The Commission has the power to amend the rule, regulation or technical specifications of a sanctioning body (known as local option rules). PKRA is an NKA-sanctioned track and the club follows NKA rules. These PKRA Club Rules supersede some of these rules. Any changes to the Club`s rules are subject to a 30-day cooling-off period and can only come into effect 30 days after notification. The FKA Regulations are by no means complete and are not intended to replace the rules and regulations set forth in the NKA Rules. It is simply an information aid to ensure the smooth running of our races. The PKRA adopted Robert`s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (known as RONR) as the official parliamentary procedure for conducting meetings at the PKRA. RONR is a comprehensive text that covers all aspects of conducting a meeting. These rules are quite complex because they apply to almost all situations that can arise during a meeting. Here are the basic guidelines that the club will adhere to: The purpose of this set of rules is to provide a set of rules and procedures for races that make racing and competition as fair as possible for all. This set of rules will help determine the legality of karts and engines used in the Newton Kart Club.

On the following pages you will find the rules to follow during the 2019 racing season. If at any time it is determined that these rules need to be amended, they may be amended to include these rules. NKK employees hope that everyone who participates in the karting program is there to have fun and enjoy karting racing. If a modification or optional device is not explicitly listed, it is considered illegal and is not allowed. The Race Director`s team is formed to ensure that the quality of each race is maintained throughout the season. Each race will be conducted in the same manner and the rules, guidelines and regulations described in this manual and the race director`s manual will be followed throughout the season.