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A deposit fee of $30.00 for the notary application must be attached to the application by cheque, money order or transfer of business, payable to the Secretary of State of New Mexico or NMSOS. H. In the event of the death or incapacity of a present or former notary, the personal representative or guardian of the notary, or any other person knowingly in possession of the newspaper, shall transmit the newspaper to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State or to a deposit approved by the Secretary of State. (1) the notary and the person applying for the notarial deed agree on travel expenses prior to the trip; and B. To qualify as a notary, the applicant must: B. A notary may not advertise falsely or deceptively. One. A notary in this state keeps a journal in which he records all notarial acts performed by the notary. The notary keeps the journal for ten years after the execution of the last notarial deed registered in the newspaper. A journal can be created on a tangible medium or in electronic form. A notary who draws up notarial acts in accordance with subsection E of this division shall keep only one journal at a time in order to record all notarial acts, whether such notarial acts are drawn up on physical or electronic documents; provided that a notary can keep a journal on a physical medium for physical documents and an electronic journal for electronic documents. If the diary is kept on a physical medium, it must be a permanent register and bound with numbered pages. If the journal is in electronic format, it must be in a durable, tamper-proof electronic format that complies with the Secretary of State`s rules.

One. A person may apply to the Secretary of State for appointment as a notary. The applicant must comply with the regulations established by the Secretary of State and provide the necessary information and pay the application fee. One. Appointment as a notary does not entitle anyone to: (2) a fraudulent, dishonest or fraudulent misrepresentation or omission in the application for appointment as a notary filed with the State Ethics Committee; E. In accordance with this section, the Secretary of State shall appoint an applicant as a notary for a period of four years. (7) is not otherwise qualified as a notary; Provided that a person employed as a clerk, deputy clerk, district clerk or deputy district clerk may also be appointed as a notary. D. Before awarding a commission as a notary, the notary or commission applicant must provide the Secretary of State with assurance in the form of a guarantee or its functional equivalent in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The insurance must be issued by a guarantor or other entity authorized or authorized to carry on business in that State. The insurance must cover acts performed during the notarial term of office and must be presented in the form prescribed by the Secretary of State.

If a notary of that State infringes the law relating to notaries, the guarantor or issuing body is liable under the insurance. The guarantor or issuing body shall give the Secretary of State thirty days before withdrawing the insurance. The guarantor or issuing body shall inform the Secretary of State not later than thirty days after making a payment to the applicant for insurance. A notary may perform notarial acts in that State only during the period during which valid insurance is filed with the Secretary of State. One. The Secretary of State may make regulations for the application of the revised Uniform Act on Notarial Instruments. The rules on the execution of notarial acts relating to electronic records do not require the introduction or application of a particular technology or technical specification or confer on it a more important legal status or effect. The rules can: After confirming that you meet all state requirements, purchase the New Mexico Notarial Package from

The package includes your $10,000 government-mandated notarial obligation, a personalized notary stamp and government application fees. C. Before appointing a notary, a candidate to the Commission shall take an oath in accordance with the laws of that State and submit it to the Secretary of State. (7) breach by the notary of a rule of the Secretary of State in respect of a notary; G. “notary” means a notary or any other person authorized to produce a notarial deed; H. In addition to the publication of regulations in accordance with section 26 of the Revised Uniform Act on Notarial Acts, the Secretary of State may make regulations under that section concerning the execution of a notarial instrument. The rules may (4) prescribe the process for granting, renewing, conditioning, refusing, suspending or revoking a notarial transfer and ensuring the reliability of a person holding a notary`s commission; B. A remote person may comply with this section or any other requirement under the laws of that state that a person appear before a notary at the time of a notarial deed using communications technology to appear before a notary or notary. County, if the notary is a county clerk or deputy county clerk or notary public Number and expiry date of the commission and other information requested by the Secretary of State; New Mexico does not allow round notary stamps. The stamp you receive from meets all government requirements and is available in 12 colours. D.

The notary may not announce or declare that he assists persons in the drafting of legal acts, gives legal advice or otherwise practices law. If a notary who is not a licensed attorney in that State advertises or in any way represents that he or she is offering notarial services, either orally or in a recording, including broadcast, print, and Internet, the notary must attach the following or alternative statement approved or required by the Secretary of State: in advertising or display, conspicuously and in any language used in the advertisement or representation: “I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this state. I am not allowed to keep legal records, advise on legal matters, including immigration, or charge fees for these activities. If the form of advertising or presentation is not that of broadcast, print or internet media and does not allow the inclusion of the declaration required under this paragraph because of its size, the declaration must be clearly visible before the notarial act or made available at the place of execution of the notarial act. F. A notary, guardian, curator or agent of a notary or a personal representative of a deceased notary shall keep the audiovisual fixation made in accordance with paragraph C(3) of this Article or cause the recording to be kept in a repository designated by or on behalf of the person responsible for keeping the recording. Unless a different time limit is prescribed by Rule C. The maximum fees that may be charged by a notary or a notary authorized to exercise the right to notarial acts are as follows: (5) failure of the notary to fulfil an obligation required of a notary, whether by the provisions of the revised Uniform Act on Notarial Laws, the rules of the Secretary of State or a federal or state law; Your state notarized application must contain: G. At least thirty days before the expiry of each notarial order, the Secretary of State shall send a notice of expiry to the notary`s registered postal address. The mandate of a notary may be renewed on request in the same way as necessary for an initial application.

One. Indicate the name, jurisdiction and attorney number of the notary of the State of New Mexico if the notary is licensed in that state, judicial district or territory, if the notary is a judge, clerk or deputy registrar, B. In enacting, amending or repealing the provisions relating to notarial instruments relating to electronic instruments, the Secretary of State shall take into account, to the extent consistent with the revised Uniform Notarial Acts Act: B. The Secretary of State, or an institution approved by the Secretary of State, regularly offers a program of study to candidates who do not serve as a notary in that State. The course should cover laws, rules, procedures and ethics relevant to notarial acts. B. Before carrying out the original notarial act of the notary or notary officer in relation to an electronic registration, a notary or notary officer informs the Secretary of State that the notary will perform notarial acts in relation to electronic records and identifies the technology that the notary intends to use. If the Secretary of State has established standards for the approval of technology in accordance with Article 26 [14-14A-26 NMSA 1978] of the revised Uniform Act on Notarial Instruments, the technology must comply with the standards.