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There are some things you need to know before submitting your documents for State Department legalization, as follows: MEA confirms with its MEA certificate that your document is genuine. Here`s everything you need to know about MOFA certification services in Qatar. In general, the duration of authentication of MOFA documents depends on several factors, including the country for which they will be obtained. The MOFA certificate for the UAE is one of the most common procedures, which takes about 12-15 business days. However, this time varies as business documents can sometimes take only 7-10 days, while educational documents can take more than 15 days. The Chamber of Commerce verifies all types of commercial documents and confirms by a certificate that the documents are authentic. SEPL provides fast, reliable and comprehensive MOFA certification services in India You will also need to provide your contact details, email address and contact number. Please note that you must submit all your certificates certified by the Embassy for the MOFA Qatar certificate. List of reasons why you need a MOFA certificate to use a UAE-specific document. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides legalization services for all types of documents. The purpose of this procedure is to verify the validity of the stamp and signature on these documents, whether they were issued inside or outside the country. This includes certification services provided by customer satisfaction centers in the UAE as well as UAE missions abroad, including the legalization process for ordinary certificates issued inside and outside the UAE. These include educational and medical certificates, marriage and divorce contracts, powers of attorney, etc., as well as certification of commercial contracts and agreements.

Service procedure:1- Registration: Log in to the MoFAIC website and register per customer (individuals/companies). The required information must be entered by the client according to the fields.2- Application Process: To submit the application, please fill in the mandatory fields, attach a copy of the document and select the place where the certificate should be made according to the type of document.3- Application verification: The application process must be verified by the UAE Embassy/Customer Satisfaction Centres in the UAE. If the conditions are met, the authorization must be sent to the customer to complete the payment process.4- Payment of fees: After receiving the authorization of the payment transaction, log in to the MoFAIC website (username – password), select “My Tasks” and start the payment process.5. Receipt of documents: After completing the payment process, it is possible to visit the UAE Embassy/Customer Satisfaction Centres in the UAE to confirm the original document and then hand it over to the client. The state Department of the Interior will verify your document and confirm its authenticity with its certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for Arab countries is a government department that deals with the foreign affairs of the respective country. The certification of documents is one of their tasks. This procedure is usually handled by MOFA`s government-approved attestation services.

This type of authentication is a sensitive procedure, as they are documents of paramount importance for all related legal procedures. A diploma, police certificate, letter of experience or salary certificate requires certificates for employment in the UAE. SEPL is the leading provider of attestation and apostille services, dedicated to collecting applicants` documents and verifying certificates, and then submitting them to government agencies and foreign embassies for authentication. SEPL provides legalization services to the general population and foreigners in India. After legalization by the embassy, incoming documents are required to obtain verification by MOFA in the UAE or other Gulf states. MOFA is the final certificate that is performed for all types of documents. Qatar`s thriving economy makes it an attractive destination in the Middle East for many foreign workers and foreign companies. When you move to Qatar, the document certificate is a crucial step that guarantees the authenticity of your identity through the documents you provide. The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is an executive body of the government that deals with Qatar`s foreign affairs and is responsible for the legalization of documents in Qatar. The requirements for the MOFA certificate vary depending on the country for which it is purchased. The common requirements, taking into account all types of documents and the common procedure, are listed as follows: MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to obtain a certificate of educational or non-educational documents/diplomas from the embassy, whether it is the Saudi embassy or the UAE embassy, you must have your documents/diplomas certified by the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), otherwise embassies will not accept the documents until they have been validated by MOFA. There are different types of documents mentioned below that require MOFA certification. The certification process varies from document to document. MOFA`s certification procedure differs for incoming and outgoing documents which are further classified as personal, educational, and commercial. The general procedure for incoming and outgoing documents is as follows: A MOFA certificate is required when applying for UAE residence permit, work visa, student visa or family visa. MOFA verification is also required if you are applying for a work permit in the UAE or want to use the world-class healthcare facilities in the UAE and need to apply for a visa to do so. In other words, you will need a MOFA certificate for almost all trips and permits that require you to present your personal, educational or business documents in the UAE. Just like opening an account at any bank, you need a sponsor who already has an account with that bank.