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The legality of an aluminum plate depends on several factors, including when your vehicle was first registered and its age. In summary, and answer the question of whether pressed license plates are legal. The answer is: it depends. This means that any vehicle registered before 1980 can carry pressed licence plates, and this also applies to vehicles registered before 1950. DVLA guidelines and pressed license plates state that plates must be made of reflective material, but do not appear reflective after production. The guidelines state that the material used must also be flexible but durable and retain its original shape if the panel is easily damaged or bent. Pressed plates are metal license plates where figures are lifted from the background. If you`ve seen them on the street, you know they look very stylish, but the question is whether they`re legal. If your vehicle was registered before 1980, it will be classified as a classic or vintage car, which means you will be able to display pressed license plates, black and white or black and silver. We don`t just offer standard and embossed motorcycle license plates.

Due to the high demand for black and silver pressed metal license plates that we have had in recent months, we have also included them in our range. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to produce short pressed plates, although we hope to add them to our website in the near future. Aluminium and all other metals that can be used for press licence plates in the UK do not comply with these guidelines. They do not retain their shape when folded and are not made of the necessary material specified in the DVLA guidelines. Build your plate in minutes with our unique online plate builder. We have license plates of all shapes and sizes for all vehicles. Completely personalize your plate! This rule has now changed, and since January 1, 2021, the age of the vehicle must be 1980 or higher to qualify for classic car status and thus display metal license plates. In addition, another standard specified in the Directives requires that the material from which a registration plate is made has the ability to return to its original shape when folded. Metal license plates do not have the flexibility to achieve this.

Both of these requirements mean that pressed metal license plates are virtually illegal for any modern vehicle. Our metal pressing plates are manufactured in Germany with 3M approval! 3M is the most expensive and best approved material for the distribution market. You won`t find a more durable pressed metal license plate – ours can even withstand a short-range jet wash attack. Even older are the cast aluminum plates available for vehicles from the 1930s and earlier. These are made of molten aluminum, with all characters and designs cast in the same cast. There`s no doubt they look impressive, but are aluminum license plates legal? Aluminum-pressed license plates can make more of an impression on the road than the ubiquitous white and yellow acrylic approvals that are issued and used today. These stylish license plates were once the standard type of registration for cars, but from March 2001, new guidelines were published detailing how license plates should be displayed. Yes, absolutely, we can manufacture pressed aluminum plates for show use! Of course, if you are looking at a registration, you will still need to prove your eligibility and present ID when ordering, but we are also happy to produce newly pressed license plates. Novelty signs must not bear a passport sign, but a name or phrase. This applies not only to pressed car plates, but we can also manufacture metal pressed motorcycle display plates! Aluminum license plates, sometimes called “pressed license plates,” are a type of record with alphanumeric characters raised from the background. Unlike modern 3D-style plates, where the characters appear high with a two-tone effect, the letters and numbers on these pressed metal license plates are raised by the pressing manufacturing process.

If you would like to know more about our German pressed license plates or German license plates, please do not hesitate to contact Number1plates. Cars registered in the UK in 1972 and before were initially issued with pressed aluminium plates. As a result, this means that cars that fall into this category are considered “classic cars” and can still use aluminum license plates today. However, it is worth remembering that although they may be made of aluminium, they must still comply with all UK regulations for licence plates at the time of issue. We can now also confirm that we are able to produce pressed metal plates for motorcycles! And if you`re looking for pressed metal license plates that look garish, but if those pressed metal plates just don`t do it for you, take a look at our 4D laser cutting plates. However, if your vehicle was registered after 1980, pressed number plates are not legal in the UK. However, you can design and order custom-made pressed aluminium exhibition plates from us. If you order a fanciful version of the German press plates, we can make the legal information superfluous at your request.

Keep in mind, however, that this only applies to hurried display panels that display signs of novelty like your name.