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The condition or condition of a minor; childhood. The opposite of the majority. The lower number of votes in a consultative assembly; Against the majority. In the context of the equality of protection guaranteed by the Constitution, the minority not only has a numerical designation, but refers to identifiable and particularly disadvantaged groups such as those based on race, religion, ethnic or national origin. The FindLaw Legal Dictionary – free access to more than 8260 definitions of legal terms. Search for a definition or browse our legal glossaries. Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed. and The Law Dictionary. Free and reliable legal information for consumers and lawyers Are you a lawyer? Visit our professional website » Modification by The Pub. L. 105–244 with effect from October 1, 1998, if in the Pub. L. 105–244, see section 3 of the Pub.

L. 105-244, given as a footnote to Article 1001 of this Title. National Directory of Lawyers and Consumer Legal Resources Source: Merriam-Webster`s Dictionary of Law ©1996. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Published under license by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. n. 1) when voting, one page with less than half of the votes. 2) a term for people in a predominantly Caucasian country who are not Caucasian, such as the United States, where Caucasians make up the majority and minorities include African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans (Indians) and other so-called “people of color.” This ironic term is used despite the fact that the majority of the world`s population is not Caucasian. Sometimes the term is used to include women and homosexuals. The term “minority” carries with it a certain condescending tone, even when it is used to assert the rights of peoples who have been victims of social or legal discrimination.

and (3) life span below the age of majority. Terms and ConditionsPrivacy PolicyDisclaimerCookiesDo not sell my information The condition or condition of a minor; childhood. The lower number of votes in a consultative assembly; Against the majority, (see.) Copyright © 2022, Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. At, we are proud to be the leading source of free legal information and resources on the Internet. Contact us. The #1 Spanish legal website for consumers directory of U.S. attorneys with the exclusive Super Lawyers rating.