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In Microsoft Office applications, there are legal and stationery formats, these two paper formats are not the same as A4 or F4. Although it can be said that it is almost the same thing, there is always a difference in size in the papers. Here`s an example of a picture of the difference based on paper size: Some people call F4 paper a folio paper. This is not wrong, because in fact both are the same size. However, it is different from striped folio paper, which consists of two sheets. This F4 paper is often used for correspondence purposes and duplicates important documents such as diplomas, family cards and birth certificates. This is the difference between A4 and F4 paper as well as various other types of paper. Knowing the differences between these different types of paper can help you avoid the mistakes that occur when printing a document. Errors when printing documents due to choosing the wrong type of paper will cost you more because you have to reprint. There are even people who think that quarto paper is the same paper as A4 paper and stationery due to its almost similar size, but in fact quarto paper has a shorter size than A4 and letter which is 216 x 275 mm. Here is an explanation of each paper size as well as the often questionable differences between the differences between F4 and A4 paper or F4/folio paper sizes with legal paper etc. Do you know what the differences are between A4 and F4 paper? Coming from different industries ranging from offices, education, hospitals or even the general public, they often use this type of paper for different purposes. Paper is usually used as a medium to make fonts or drawings.

However, for this type of A4 and F4 paper, it has a different use, namely as a medium for printing documents on a copier or printer. If we look at the table above, we can see the difference between the paper sizes of each other. There are several types of paper that you can use if you want to photocopy or print a document other than A4 and F4 paper, such as quarto, stationery, and legal paper. But among the different possibilities of these paper grades, the most commonly used are the A4 and F4 paper grades. Both have different sizes and uses. It is very important to understand the different types of A4 and F4 paper, especially if you print a document frequently to minimize the errors that occur. For more information, see the following article. In this article, we will discuss in detail the differences associated with A4 and F4 paper and other types of paper. F4 paper and legal paper are very different, the legal paper size is 2.6 cm larger than F4/folio paper, so if you print F4 paper, but the printer settings with Legal are definitely not the same prints, the font is usually cut. It must therefore first be put in place.

Please read the tutorial (Read: How to print F4 paper so that the page is not cut) If there is a document in Indonesia that uses letter or quarto paper, it is more likely that it will use the A4 format. Difference in paper size F4 A4 Legal Letter Folio Quarto For A4 and Legal Paper, the difference is that Legal is longer than A4 Paper. As for the letter and the law, the comparison can also be seen by the length of the paper (height). Legal paper is longer than A4 paper. Similarly, there are also differences in width and length between A4 and Letter, although almost the same. Tips This time I will discuss the differences in paper sizes in detail, so when buying paper, it is much easier and I am not afraid to go wrong. For example, the size often used to make papers is the size of A4 paper or quartz type and for correspondence with F4/folio paper, there are also those who call HVS. From the table above, we can see that there is a difference in the size of the four documents.

In fact, it`s almost the same for width, but length there is a noticeable difference. Some of us may have experienced printing documents whose results have been truncated, for example on the part of the page.