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If you are a member of a club, corporation or other organization, there may be a lawyer who regularly supports the members of your organization. Social service providers, counselling centres or interest groups may also recommend a lawyer. For more information, please contact Privacy – To file a complaint about how the Law Society has handled your personal information, please contact: With the lifting of restrictions on public gatherings, the Law Society will resume personal invocation ceremonies as of May 2022. Since the last ceremony more than two years ago, more than 1,900 applicants for the license have been able to participate in an appeal ceremony, and it will take some time to welcome all applicants who wish to attend a personal ceremony. Some may prefer to take advantage of a rule change adopted as part of the Law Society`s pandemic response that makes participation in a conference call optional, and arrangements are being made to provide these candidates with an appeal and certificate of admission. We contact applicants in chronological order, starting with those who have been eligible since the end of 2019. It will take some time for all candidates who wish to attend a personal ceremony to be accommodated, and we ask candidates to wait for the Law Society to contact them. We will make every effort to reach candidates as soon as possible. For more information, please contact If you know a lawyer`s name, you can check their current status and contact information in the Law Society`s Lawyers Directory. This service is provided to allow you to search for individual lawyers that you may want to contact on a professional basis or to verify their status.

The information may not be used for commercial, marketing or fundraising purposes. For a list of foreign lawyers licensed to practise in British Columbia, contact Law Society Credentials and Member Services. The Law Society is the governing body for advocacy in British Columbia. It is a legal company founded in 1884 and whose associative roots date back to 1869. To submit a formal request for Law Society records under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, contact: If there is a specific practice advisor you would like to contact, find the direct contact information below: Before contacting a practice advisor, read the Practice Advisor FAQ and consider whether the information you are looking for can be included in the Code of driving. the Law Profession of Law, the Rules of the Bar or support and resources for lawyers. If you have any questions about escrow accounts, please visit trust insurance or For more information about requesting credentials, see Become a lawyer in British Columbia or email

Access Pro Bono offers a lawyer referral service that helps British Columbians, regardless of income, find a lawyer who is right for their legal needs. Any member of the public can call the Lawyers` Reference Service to obtain the contact details of a lawyer who meets for a free half-hour legal consultation. The Lawyer Reference Service can also help you find the name of a British Columbia lawyer with expertise in foreign law. The Lawyers` Directory is a search tool that allows you to find the names, contact information and current practice status of licensed lawyers in British Columbia. The Law Society of British Columbia ensures that the public is well served by honourable and competent lawyers. The Law Society`s practice advisors are there to help lawyers obtain practical and ethical advice. Consultants in practice cannot advise the public. For legal advice, read our legal resources for the public. Step 2: Download the Application for Appeal and Admission Package The Law Society encourages volunteers and appointments to external organizations Non-practising lawyers retain the same rights as practising members, with the exception of the right to practise as a lawyer or to act as notaries or agents to receive affidavits. Before filing a complaint, discuss your concerns with the lawyer or law firm. If you`re having trouble speaking or writing in English, consider asking a friend or someone in the community to help you with the complaint form. If this is not possible, we may be able to assist you if a suitable linguist is employed by the Law Society.

The Law Society is not responsible for the provision or payment of translation services if no such linguist is available. Arrangements can be made to be called at a regional appeal ceremony elsewhere in British Columbia. Lawyers moving to British Columbia must complete the transfer process. To be called and admitted to British Columbia, a transfer candidate must either: The designated representative of a law firm can create a set of law firm invoices for all lawyers working in their firm. For step-by-step instructions, download the Enterprise Invoice Package User Guide. At least 30 days prior to the scheduled license date, students must submit a RFP and Admission Request Package that includes: Information on Complaint Investigations for Lawyers Who Are Suspended LSBC Tribunal Website Read the Complaint Form Fact Sheet, then download and print the Complaint Form. Fill it out and send it to the Law Society by email, mail or fax. The research results also indicate whether the lawyer has a disciplinary history or a restriction to practice in an area of law, as well as any ongoing regulatory proceedings.

All complaints must be made in writing and must include: Step 5: Email all documents to Barbara Buchanan Member Services, KC (client identification and verification only, anti-money laundering, and fraud and fraud requests) at least 30 days prior to your scheduled call date Lawyers must notify the Law Society of any changes to their business address. Prompt disclosure of this information is required by Law Society Rules 2-9 to 2-11. Join an organization that values integrity and excellence and is passionate about a fair, equitable and accessible legal system in British Columbia, standards of practice and remedial measures, scammers often create unrealistic websites to collect identification data or sell fraudulent services. Here are some tips to make sure a law firm`s website is legitimate: Search the Law Society`s database of hearing decisions and admissions to see if a lawyer is currently being cited or has been cited in the past for violations of the Law Society`s rules or the British Columbia Code of Ethics.