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It`s. essentially. In no way would I believe this that I don`t believe in a damn blue baby blue, who would! According to urban legend, a group of girls learned the story of the blue baby and decided to try it. They didn`t think it would work, so they sent their friend Laura alone to the bathroom. She turned off the lights and closed the door behind her. Laura stretched out her arms and began singing the phrase “Blue Baby, Baby Blue.” If you are worried about a blue cast on your baby`s skin, check the whole body. A fixed blue plaster on the hands and feet, with pink skin elsewhere, is not a sign of a problem, but just a little immaturity of the circulatory system, which will disappear over time. Why believe something that clearly looks like a load of, but when I say this: I tried it in my bathroom at 9 p.m. and saw a blue flash in front of my bathroom windows and after.

nothing, so it went wrong or is the baby too shy to go out? Or is it just a bunch of? What happens if you bring the baby back to him? Will she kill you again or will she be afraid, how on earth is she going with you? Most often, only certain areas – such as the hands, feet or the area around the mouth – sometimes look blue. This is usually quite normal. Who did she love the blue mother or baby.does she have scratches. My two friends did it and we didn`t know all the rules and now we`re slowly being attacked and we`re starting to get really scared. If you do it right, you will suddenly feel the weight of an invisible baby in your arms. The baby gets heavier and heavier as it gets bigger and bigger. You will feel it scratching your arms. To play “Blue Baby Blue”, you need to go to the toilet alone, turn off the lights and lock the door.

Then you look in the mirror, stretch out your arms as if rocking a baby and repeat the words “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without making a mistake. No, they killed my baby because I was a white girl who came from a damn family who doesn`t like the darker hue of me. The Truth 2. What they want to think 3.The lies they`ve all told to cover it up make it worse and overturn the truth about me. So, where do I come into play with Ill, tell you the truth, but it would even be important in the end why, because people don`t care about another 2 fight like twins. You see, I would be that part of the alpha factor Me Omaga Me. These are the other two stories that no one cares about. My mother and sister phycatic. Those who pretend to be the crazy to make shit like this beautiful attempt.fuck mal get u no matter what hell you brought me through the truth will win.

Beyond ME and through ME, I was the first curse of Baby Boy Dad took me. Then my Babi had to be the next curse she was trying to cover. I think when you believe in the things you can`t see and the sources of the soul. Then the world could understand me. But who am I to judge until it comes to me what I know what happened and the process of paperworking DNA files13 so I can`t find my father, the only other of me….. No more soldier that my mother lies everyone seems to trust so much, but on it I finished Ghost I fought so long to give up now would be sad that I give up my self and the truth. I am no weaker than I should be strong, I should be strong, where I should be weak the truth be modify the 2 that every keendemend budy keynotes I am the heart I am the truth my stores have never changed no matter who I stude against who stude against. The worst and worst of all I`ve beaten is also the burial mound above everything to be shot down by my own kind, tell me where your confidence would be if you were ME…. lost love. black n white. They still don`t see me, so damn it all I don`t give, I don`t surround myself. I`m just moving on, I`m dying here wishing for a star who never cared about my three evil half-sisters, but I`ll let you know now that you never win.

I know the truth and it will set me free once and for all, suck all four of you and you know why I don`t have to leave. Or should I 12122000. 2231999 the truth for me, I have age of angels to keep the only true truth here in those stressed streets tired of letting go. Sadly enough, no matter how I go, I always lose the fact that everyone never asks me. so fuck everyone I`m ghost really shit shotgun It`s just to scare you kids I tried I`m still here For I know it`s that Bloody Mary was walled for no reason by King Henry she was a beautiful girl but now oh and baby blues mom was also pretty I just watched the video of Sam and Colby turn the wheel and they did the Blue baby challenge and they had4 people were there and did the solo version. There are two reasons why the blood under your baby`s skin may look blue: you forgot the part about opening the toilet seat and the “baby” falling, then flushing. You would eventually do it. 6. Position your arms as if you were carrying a baby in your hand.

When 3 of us did the Baby Blue Challenge, we were all attacked and we are just at school and are still attacked Baby Blue is a mirror ritual that has become an urban legend that contains a terrible story. He sees anyone willing to play invoking a baby`s mind with potentially dangerous consequences. The exact origins of this game remain unclear, but some have established a link between this ritual and that of Bloody Mary. It is speculated that Baby Blue might actually be Bloody Mary`s child, as a version of her incantation ritual causes participants to repeat “Bloody Mary, I killed your baby.” Other speculations are that the woman who is supposed to appear in the mirror while playing Baby Blue could be Mary herself. Lol you people need help, it`s as wrong as possible. If this happened, the innocent baby would go into the clouds and not be angry. So I just refuted your stupid methamphetamine head story, does it come from anything? Was there really a woman and a baby? Or is it just a made-up story? if it is based on a real story. Does anyone have a name or a date? My curiosity brought out the best in me. I searched like crazy and found no idea. Suddenly, a baby appeared in her arms and began to scratch her. Laura was afraid of her mind and didn`t know what to do.

She wanted to drop him and run, but she was afraid of what might happen. She was just standing there holding the invisible baby in her hand as it got heavier and heavier. Suddenly, she saw something terrible in the bathroom mirror and screamed in terror. 5.Write on the mirror “Baby Blue” with your finger I don`t believe it because Brittany44 did it and nothing happened to her and she made the baby flash. There`s another version I made and it works. It is as if there are 2-4 people in a room, everyone has to stand in a corner of the room and you say blue baby and pretend to throw a baby to whom the person you threw it must catch it, if someone drops it sometimes, you will see the baby fall and you will hear a baby crying, if you hear a scream, you have to get out of the room very quickly and if you don`t, then something will grab your foot and pull you or you will be lifted up and thrown down. Oh, so it`s that I`m lying dude, it`s so wrong and that comes with this stuff, even if this story were real, the mother wouldn`t cry and go away like hell and you can`t even prove it because I bet you don`t even have the baby. Here`s the real question, if the “mother” shouts “GIVE ME MY BABY BACK,” why would she want it? Like. You killed the baby bi**h, why do you want it now? So you can kill again? Enter the bathroom with the light already off. Stand in front of the mirror and say the words “Blue Baby” thirteen times, again and again. When you recite these words, you need to swing your arms back and forth as if you were holding a baby. The second step is to turn off the lights (be brave, you have a friend with you!) and wait a few moments.

Once you`ve waited about a minute, you should reach out, just like you`d carry a baby in it. I heard that if you hold the baby long enough, the mother`s ghost will appear and you will have to shout in her face that she killed her baby. Then she will scream very loudly, but you will not be able to cover your ears or you will drop the baby, you will drop it by chance, then the mother will take a split glass from your mirror and stab you with it and you will not be able to escape because something will pull you down so that you can not get out of the bathroom. But it looks a little different. There`s also more in this part that I`ve heard, but I`m not going to write all of that. In fact, you should flush the baby down the toilet and get out of there. Do not throw on the floor You should then feel the weight of a baby in your arms, do not panic – keep it safe and after a while you should pass it on to your friend. Remember not to drop it, it does not take it nicely and will give you a small scratch. If you pick it up and drop it a few more times (who would be so clumsy?), the last thing you`ll ever see is the mirror in front of you (your friend may want to run at this point, you`re a lost thing). Omg it worked, we carried the baby and threw it on the ground and ran, and now we look at our hands and Thier`s Bluecolor baby on our hands when they move the part where you pass the baby, what happens if you don`t drop the baby, bring it back to the mirror or something like that. Before it becomes too heavy, you need to quickly take the invisible baby, flush it down the toilet and get out of the bathroom.

If you do not do it fast enough, a hideous woman will appear in the mirror. She will shout “Give me back my baby!” and shout loud enough to break the glass. If you are still holding the baby, she will kill you. If there is a bluish bandage all over the body, the blood may lack oxygen. Blue, especially around the lips, can also indicate a low oxygen content in the blood.